Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Monday, August 4, 2008

Three Level of Thinking

Acording to William Golding,three are types of man in the world .Level three thinkers are often unconscious ,prejudice,ignorance and hypocrisy. They do not think and care about other.They just follow the tradition.For them the world is simple.They don"t arguement about any matter.Grade Two thinker are to some extent dangerous man. They possese double stanard,comment other. they just ask question but no desire to answer. Their thought is filled with fun and excitement.Grade one thinkers are best for the world. They have deeer knowledge. They are devoted to find the truth.Like Albert Einstain,William Shakespeare are grade one thinker. Posted by Niraj

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blog Members

This blog is the result of joint effort of Mass Communication and Journalismstudents of BA at Madan Bhandari Memorial Collegei. Here are the details of their email address and blog:

Name email address Blog
Indra Dhoj Kshetri (Teacher)
shreeram Adhikari

Sunday, July 20, 2008

From the teacher

My dear students and everybody,

It is indeed my pleasure to know that my students have created their blog. I firmly believe that this will provide them the best platform for discourse and to enhance their writing and logic power. This will also tie every member of BA fifth batch students and also teachers of Madan Bhandari Memorial College regardless of wherever they are in the future. I wish all the best for the success of this blog.

However, here what I would like to stress is the continuity of it. Each student should think that this blog is theirs and should contribute a few minutes even once a week. They should consistently feed information, articles and debates. They can also, as the interaction reaches height, earn a little through google and other ads.

Please also visit to read more about me and participate in the discourse.
Indra Dhoj Kshetri

Welcome to all of our friends

Dear Friends and everybody,

It is the matter of pleasure for all of us that the fifth batch students of MBMC have become able to create our own blog. Now, all of our friends, teachers and well wishers are free to express their opinion as they wish.

We look forward to seeing more posts and comments.

Happy Blogging!

Fifth Batch students of Madan Bhandari Memorial College